Kentish Town NW5 Professional Cleaning Services

For those who find it cleaning their homes a burden on their schedule and free time, we suggest professional cleaning services. It is a service that checks off everything on the usual list of chores, only that it is done by professional in the Kentish Town filed.

For a high quality service on a very attractive price, we offer our professional cleaning services. Once you witness the quality our cleaners deliver, you will fall in love. Contact us for more information and hiring.

From hiring to canceling

If someone choses our services they call us. Our costumer support answers and takes them through the whole process. Explaining in detail how the professional cleaning service works and helps them during the hiring by giving them advice and any questions they could possibly have in the Kentish Town area.

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Mill Hill
Johns Wood

When that person becomes our client, we start sending them a cleaner. They arrive at the client’s home, go through introduction and talk about anything that they need to be aware of while cleaning. After that, the work begins.

The cleaner makes sure to follow their set of steps that make every procedure highly effective. It is the high quality we strive to achieve and make every client satisfied that they have chosen and trusted us to the maintenance of their home. A client’s home must be one-hundred percent clean by the afternoon.

Before the cleaner leaves for that day, they will make sure to check if anything is missed. If there is, they will quickly handle it and be their way.

“Your cleaners did a marvellous job cleaning my leased property this morning. They didn’t miss a single spot and exceeded the expectations of my landlord completely. Thanks to their hard efforts, I was able to keep the full amount of the deposit. I would recommend your professional cleaning services without any hesitation. – Sam”

Progress of our company

When we founded ourselves a few years ago we were a very small business with a handful of people who loved to work in the Kentish Town filed and enjoyed helping people by providing them with professional cleaning services. Our clients were very few, who have chosen us, and stuck with us.

We gained their trust and receive their endorsement. Eventually more people started coming in for our services and our team became bigger. Now we offer our services with more passion than ever before and with a much higher quality.

More About Kentish Town

You’ll absolutely fall in love with this London suburb. Kentish Town is popular throughout London for two things – it’s brewery and it’s nature. Thanks to it’s own brewery – The Camden Town Brewery – Kentish Town is the only suburb in London where 95 percent of all pubs have a ‘Best Beer’ award. The smell of hops fills the entire suburb and to go for a beer at any pub after work is a local tradition.

What about it’s nature? Thanks to it’s location, Kentish Town has the best sunsets in London. So good in fact, that there’s even a hashtag in Instagram dedicated to Kentish Town’s sunsets. And that’s not all – there’s also a 790 acres of ancient woodland – a true oasis in the busy city. It’s said that mystical creatures wander around Hampstead Heath. We’re not saying that you’ll see a fairy there, but there really is something special about that forest.